10 Monday greeting words for Motivation

The words of congratulations on Monday when entering the beginning of the week to face work in the first week. After going on holiday on Sundays, you definitely feel lazy. To raise enthusiasm for friends, you can create a status on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. It can be hard to start working at first, but if you do it with enthusiasm, it will bring a pretty good passion for work.

The expressions on Monday are not only in the form of an invitation to work enthusiasm but can also make aphorisms or words of wisdom. Can also make a funny and unique rhyme so that friends can be entertained. What is even more extraordinary is to make a Romantic Poetry but this is enough to give to your boyfriend.

Greeting cards or Monday greeting images can also be made using Corel Draw and Photoshop applications. You can use your own edited image by adding a text “Spirit to work on Monday, face it with passion and joy”. In addition, you can also use landscape images, flower pictures or pictures of an office in a company.

100 Greeting words for Monday mastimon.com got them from several sources which I have re-edited. Please take it for free and share it on your social media accounts. If you have words that are more unique but can’t compose words then you can look at the words below as a reference first.

100 Monday greeting words for Motivation

Monday is a new day and a new spirit to achieve the expected dreams.

Life is a never-ending struggle. Monday will always come because life has to go round. Happy Monday filled with passion.

How is it possible to expect success from a Struggle when you are afraid to face Monday?

We welcome this Monday with full enthusiasm and confidence that today is a better day than yesterday. Happy Monday.

Monday is the day that the warriors of life have been waiting for. But it became the most hated day for ordinary people. Happy Monday, May Success be upon you.

Going to work on Monday is not as heavy as the burden of people who are unemployed and looking for work. Monday Spirit.

I love Monday because it is the start of my success for the next week. Happy Monday.

Whatever work you are currently in, keep fighting for your family and yourself. Welcome Monday with gusto.

Monday is the same day as any other day to achieve success.

My work spirit flared up when I met Monday because Monday was the beginning of my struggle.

Those are the words of greeting for a Monday full of passion for success. Whatever your job and business, then use the golden opportunity on Monday as the beginning of your struggle in working to reach an exciting end.

If you have words that are more unique and cool, you can share them in the comments column to increase your enthusiasm while working. Giving encouragement to friends is a good thing. Provide positive values that will bring you many friends. Happy Monday and reach your dreams starting today.

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