11 Best Voice Editing Apps on Android

It’s not just photos or videos that can be edited, it turns out that sound can also be edited easily. It’s just that editing sound is generally done only using special software found on the PC.

However, with the development of technology and the growth of smartphones so high. Currently, voice editing can be done using the app contained on your smartphone. Each app certainly has different functions and features.

Not just to modify songs, you can use audio editing apps to create your own podcasts and recordings.To do so, you’ll need the best audio editing app to support performance and deliver sound that’s burning.

In the Google Play Store itself, you can find a lot of voice editing apps that offer different features. While it’s easy to get, you might be confused to get a good voice editing app rich in features.

Well, to help you find a good voice editing app on android, here has mywapress filter 15 of its best options equipped with advanced features, including to improve the sound quality to be clear.

11 Best Voice Editing Apps on Android

1. PocketBand

The next good voice editing app on android is PocketBand. Through this app, you can mix audio by changing the ringtone of a song or adding sounds from various musical instruments, such as Bass, Guitar, and others.

There is also a Recorder feature that allows you to directly record directly from the app. After that, you can certainly improve the sound quality to add sound effects to make it more interesting.

2. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

This sound editing app is very different from lexis audio editor app. This is because using this app is much easier and faster. All you need to do is insert audio or record audio, then include a variety of amazing effects.

The resulting sound effects are certainly very interesting, such as speed-changing effects, female voices, male voices, cave sounds, giant sounds, demonic sounds, and various other cool sounds.

You can also set the bass level as you wish. Oh yes, the look of this app is very interesting and convenient for editing sounds for a long time. In fact, each user is free to determine the quality of the recording to be used. Are you sure you’re not interested?

3. Lexis Audio Editor

Featuring a pretty perfect interface, this android voice editing app called Lexis Audio Editor is also supported with a myriad of powerful and powerful features, such as changing tempo, speed, and pitch control.

In addition, the application presented by pamsys also provides 10 types of equalizer bands that certainly have different sound features. That way, you can insert those sound effects into the audio you have.

4. Androidrock

In the Voice Changer app created by Androidrock, this app is ready to change your voice easily. Also, you can change it in any type of sound. Some of the sound effects you can use are the sound of squirrels, small children, parents, bees, even robot voice changers.

Not only that, it can also give a unique effect on the sound, for example, if you want to add sound effects to a horror movie or a specific sound effect. Everything you can use easily.

5. Media Converter Pro

This app is actually a widely used application for converting audio files. Even so, conversions are important for those of you who want to edit audio or sound.

You’ll need to convert audio to get an adequate and compatible format in order to continue with the more complex editing process.

6. Audio Recorder and Editor

Audio Recorder and Editor is an amazing voice recorder and sound editing app. Although this includes a voice recorder app, you can add audio from your device for editing.

The sound editing results using this app are amazing, as they come with the perfect editor feature. As for the effects offered still quite a bit compared to other voice editing applications. Editing the sound in the app is done manually, so it takes time to produce the desired sound.

For new users, you will be granted full access to use the pro version. After passing the specified time, each user must spend a certain amount of money to be able to experience all the features of the editor.

7. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

If you’re looking for an Android app to help you make audio editing professionally, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is one of the apps you should try.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio provides a wide range of unlimited track editing options and cool features such as equalizer, loop playback, multi-track, and MIDI recording.

8. FL Studio Mobile

If you want a high-quality audio editing app, then FL Studio Mobile is what you should have on your Android smartphone.

With high-quality synthesizers, samplers, drum kits, and loop rhythms, FL Mobile Studio will dazzle you.

The app has a variety of effects including ducker audio, distortion, equalizer, and added pauses. In addition, FL Studio also comes with several sample presets that you can try.

9. Auphonic Edit

Auphonic Edit is an audio editor and recorder that won’t damage your voice files as the app focuses on producing stable, high-quality audio.

In combination with the integrated Auphonic web service, you can post, process, tag, and publish podcasts, interviews, even your own music recordings on the go with just one click.

10. Androbaby

This Androbaby-style app has a unique sound modification effect. Here, you can change sounds like Chipmunk, Lazy, Echo, Monster, Helium, Smurf, Bathroom, Bees and many other effects.

Well, what’s different about this app is that it looks brighter and more feminine. It’s quiet, although a little bright, but the interface offered is relatively easy to understand. Therefore, you don’t have to be confused to change your voice with this Voice Changer app – Androbaby.

11. BandLab

BandLab is a multi-track audio editor that’s very easy to use thanks to a launchpad that lets you record, edit, and mix each song perfectly.

Pour your creativity by using a wide variety of effects such as beats, loops, and interesting vocals from hundreds of sounds available for free

Well, that’s some of the best audio editing apps for Android recommendations from us. With the help of this app, you can easily edit audio files on your Android device and use them the way you want.

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