20 Funny Love Pearl Words

Life is too serious without any jokes it feels so hollow. Every now and then someone needs a joke, a joke, and other silly things. So, can love be the ingredient of a joke? Speaking of love, it certainly speaks of feelings. Sometimes people are so laughing at feelings that it becomes so sensitive.

Loving someone doesn’t do you any damage regardless of whether your love is reciprocated or not. To deal with things that can make you dizzy, you can turn them into something interesting, such as conveying funny things about love. Besides entertaining, you also don’t have to get too carried away and can be more relaxed about something.

Funny Love Pearl Words

1. “Not only should the food have to be nutritionally balanced, but this liver also needs a balance. The balance yes you are.”

2. “I feel like I want to study biology, let me know there are my ribs that I’ve been looking for all this time.”

3. “I was quiet, Secretly I fell in love with you. There’s a jamu on it with nails. It turns out that your laughter is in my heart.”

4. “You know what? BMG: Geophysical Meteorological Agency, now turn into OMG after seeing the paras as bright as you.”

5. “If I have to forget about you, then I have to go to the village office first to make an incapable certificate.”

6. “You know no, if I’m butter and you’re the hot griddle. Every time I see your face I don’t know why I always melt.”

7. “Mobile phone alone is able to store thousands of photos, time just to save me, your heart can not afford?”

8. “My love for you is like a train tire, which will not deflate forever.”

9. “If Spongebob knew you, he would have stopped chasing jellyfish and become my rival to hunt your love.”

10. “If my love for you was like a car, maybe now it’s jammed to the planet Pluto.”

11. “What difference do you make to krupuk? If you’re a complement to food, if you’re a complement to my life.”

12. “My love for you is like salt in the ocean, invisible. However, it remains love and love forever.”

13. “They sentenced me to be a defendant, for taking your heart. And the punishment is to love you for the rest of my life.”

14. “Honey, work like a superstition. Invisible, no need for praise, no attention seeking, but the results are clear.”

15. “In mathematics, one plus one is two. If I add you could be three, four, five, and so on until happy with our son.”

16. “Morning running makes the body healthy, running in your mind makes my heart happy.”

17. “Love is like fooling. Just because your name has drive me crazy.”

18. “Since being with you, I can’t count, because my love for you is too much.”

19. “The transport of the city is far near 2,000, if you are far away it remains in my heart.”

20. “Never let anyone else call you ‘Say’, because it may not be a pity, but sayton.”

How? Have you found the right word love to describe the feelings or atmosphere you’re experiencing right now? Hopefully with the 20 words of love pearls above, it can give you enlightenment. Or at least it can represent a feeling that cannot be said.

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