20 Pearls of wisdom Islamic love

Speaking of love, having a good love relationship is not as easy as turning the palm. There’s going to be a lot of obstacles coming around. One easy attempt to dilute the atmosphere by reading the pearly words of Islamic love. At least reading these words can help clear your mind. The following pearly words of Islamic love refer to Islamic values.

Pearls of wisdom Islamic love

1. “I am sure, if two people were destined to be together, then from whatever corner of the earth they came from, surely they would have met.”

2. “In establishing a relationship, sakinah means to contain the meaning of tranquility, mawaddah contains the meaning of love, rahmah contains the meaning of compassion. If those three things are with you, then believe me, blessings will always be with you.”

3. “If I fall in love, love me to someone who exaggerates his love for you, in order to increase my strength to love you more.”

4. “Never forget, I always mention his name in every prayer I do. O God, keep his heart only for me, even though there is a distance that separates us.”

5. “If you feel you have God, then why grieve too long just because of love affairs.”

6. “The only relationship that is guaranteed not to hurt you is the relationship between you and God.”

7. “How lucky are those who love God. They will never be separated from their loved ones.” – Dr. Bilal Philips.

8. “You will never find true love until you learn to love God first.” Boonaa Mohammed.

9. “Real love will give birth to compassion, not desire. And true love gives birth to responsibility, not running away from responsibility. So seek him who is able to bear and answer.”

10. “The happiest couple in the world, never of the same nature. Even if they only understand each other well about the differences they have.”

11. “True love doesn’t end in death. If God wills, that love will continue to His Jannah.”

12. “I want love that says ‘Even death will not separate us because one day we will be reunited in heaven’, God willing.”

13. “Loving God is the highest of love. Perfect your love for God before you anchor your love to His being.

14. “God has written down the name of your spouse. All you need to do is improve your relationship with Him.”

15. “I leave this love only unto thee, not my heart and his heart of disappointment, until that time comes. Unite us in your blessing and Your Ridho.”

16. “Our love is the best because my faith increases. You made me in the world, and that’s why I want to see you back in heaven.”

17. “Love your beloved in a medium, whosoever one day he will be your enemy; hate the man whom negkau hates (in) mediocrity, who one year he will be your love.” (H.R. Tirmidhi).

18. “God tests us with something we love, so do not over love him, so that sad times do not exaggerate.”

19. “If I love because of God, your love will never die.”

20. “Love to God is the pinnacle of love. The valley is love to others.”


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