20 The Word Pearl of Romantic Love

In order for relationships to be closer, harmonious, and always peaceful, of course you need the pearly words of romantic love. For, with these words, it will make them feel appreciated for having stayed in your heart.

20 The Word Pearl of Romantic Love

1. “If you are in love with someone, then you can feel whether it is the thrill of love and worry that is very much whether he is okay or not.” – Mario Teguh

2. “Sometimes, the most beautiful are not created to have. Just look from afar, then be thankful that he was there to be admired in silence.

3. “I see you and see the rest of my life before my eyes.”

4. “There is no way that god is all-loving and gentle, hiding equally in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

5. “Love is inexplicable how big, one might judge love to be as big as the world, the ocean, even the sky. However, no one can root out how much he loves logic.”

6. “Never ask if my love is sincere to you, for I can feel for myself from what I have done to always be there and take care of you.”

7. “When the morning comes, your smile hugs my mind, when the day comes you are like an umbrella that always makes me shady, and at night you are the warmth that always keeps me away from the cold.”

8. “Not everyone can express their love directly. Longing to meet. However, sometimes it can’t happen right away. One thing that can be done is, imagine that the lover is always on the side. By closeing both eyes and all fantasies come to mind and imagining the adoration of the heart.”

9. “The saying goes, love comes from the eyes and then comes down to the heart. Often this happens to a couple. Although the highlights of his eyes seem ordinary, they are sometimes able to leave an impression in the heart. Love can arise from the simple and then grow into eternal affection.”

10. “A loving love affair does give a special impression for each partner. Laughing at simple things would be the glue of a relationship. When a couple is temporarily separated from the distance, there begins to be a sense of longing to hear the laughter that adorns the days. It turns out that love relationships do require light things to be laughed at by every couple.”

11. “Your hug is the home I’ve come home from the sharpest madness.”

12. “Kara everyone will get her true love only once. Not only that, he said once. However, that’s just what people say, for me every time I see you I’m always in love.”

13. “There was a time when I fell in love with you at the deepest point. He was in the middle of the night and your smile.”

14. “You’re there and you don’t have to go anywhere tonight. For, I am composing the pearls of love that may be able to comfort your loneliness tonight.”

15. “Someday the beautiful will fade on the face of our twilight lover, but happy should not be extinguished all the time.”

16. “I will tell you longing, stroking the breed silence filling the air that I bring quietly towards you, towards your presence.”

17. “He says love is crazy, but every time I get close to you I become sane.”

18. “You must know that loyalty is the primary role in a true love story. If you believe that we are true love, then try loyalty and never turn away.”

19. “You’re not the one I pray for. But, believe me, there are many hopefuls who want to be one with you.”

20. “Occasionally open your chest drawer, for there I have inserted a happy pulse, upstream of every hope and prayer. If you miss you, you’re deadlocked. Let’s read our first chat again.”


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