20 The Word Pearl of Sad Love

The Word Pearl of Sad Love – In expressing the pearly words of love, it’s not always a happy thing. However, there are also pearls of sad love, which when you reveal to your partner, it will be glazed.

20 The Word Pearl of Sad Love

1. “If you are unhappy with me, then at least be blessed without me.”

2. “If I have to tell you how to love me or tell myself, take care of your love and take care of your words.”

3. “Love to the uns loved. Hope on the uncertain. Care about the unconcerned. The pain, the time of regret.”

4. “How can we fall in love with each other, but be destined not to be together?”

5. “Sometimes, when a person disappears, the whole world is like it’s down.”

6. “Falling in love is like a candle. At first he lit up the world around you, then started to melt and hurt you. In the end, it went out and everything looks darker than ever. And all that’s left is you, burning.”

7. “Sometimes you don’t know how much something means until it has to disappear.”

8. “There is nothing more painful than realizing that he means everything to you, but you mean nothing to him.”

9. “Love happens so short. However, forgetting about it took so long.” – Pablo Neruda

10. “The most painful thing is to lose your identity when you love someone too much. And forget that you are also special.”

11. “Beware of love. It’s going to turn your brain around and make you think that’s down and the right one is wrong.” – Rick Riordan

12. “I want to go back to the time when you first introduced yourself.”

13. “The future we hold is so sketchy.”

14. “One day, a plane ticket will be the only way.”

15. “I know, my heart will never be the same, but I’m trying to convince myself that I’m going to be okay.”

16. “Remember me with a smile and a laugh, because that is how I remember you. If you only remember me with sadness and crying, you better not remember me at all.”

17. “Some people will walk away from your life, but that doesn’t mean your story ends there. It is only the end of their part in your story.”

18. “I want to tell you about my day. I want to laugh with you about you. But, all days begin and end the same. My days begin and end without you.”

19. “For what love is without honesty. For what love without deeds. It’s meaningless.”

20. “Although it hurts, cries, rages, but in the end can sincerely let go, then he has managed to conquer himself.” – Tere Liye

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