20 The Word Pearl of True Romantic Love

Many people see love as a complicated thing. However, many people also say that love is very simple. Therefore, many people question what true love is like? For more details, you can read the latest romantic true love pearl words below.

1. “Thank you for bringing love, leaving longing, and removing wounds. Maybe I could have pretended you didn’t do any of that. But, to be honest I’m too hard to lie to you, that I want you, with you, all my life.”

2. “I hope that today it rains with martyrdom, bringing the scent of the soil you like. Then the sun appeared shyly hiding behind a blue cloud. I don’t want your skin to blush and if the moon comes that night let the wind come quietly through the cracks to caress you who are tired.”

3. “Going through days full of things that make me momentarily able to forget you. However, unfortunately I was about to get asleep. I remember you again who had made my efforts in vain.”

4. “Only with beautiful love can we withstand the suffering of poverty, bitterness of grief, and the sorrow of separation.” – Khall Gibran

5. “My life and your life are set in the heavens and our children are born on the horizon.” – WS Rendra

6. “I never mind waiting for anyone, no matter how long, as long as I love him.” – Seno Gumira Ajidarma

7. “Farewell only to people who love with his eyes. For for a man who loves his heart and soul, there is no parting word.” – Jalaludin Rumi

8. “O faded moon. Visit my lover. He sleeps alone. Only friends of his heart who miss.” – WS Rendra

9. “Love is not enough with feelings alone. In the absence of action, then love will only be silenced. Thus, express feelings through action, make love more meaningful.” – Fatkhan T Haqque

10. “I love you. That’s why I will never finish praying for your safety.” – Sapardi Joko Damono

11. “Anything in this life can be erased, except love.” – Sujiwo Tedjo

12. “People laugh at my stupidity for being too loyal and wishing for you. However, I only laugh at them, because of their feelings that are so cheap to others.”

13. “When the longing is over, I can’t pretend to be calm in front of you. In fact, I can’t pretend to be asleep at night.”

14. “To the dew drops on the morning of the blind, I want to tell you that the first person that came to my mind this morning was you. And to the brightest star, I want to tell you that the person I’m going to last think about before bed is you.”

15. “I don’t have to tell you that I always look at you, think of you when night falls, and the least I understand is that my brain spontaneously remembers you even when I wake up in the morning. I think there’s something wrong with me.”

16. “I relented not because I was weak and let you get whatever you wanted. The reason I relented is because you’re afraid if I let my ego. Because, I don’t want to lose the most precious treasure of my entire life.”

17. “Good morning to you, even though it’s only through space and virtually we say hello to each other. However, there is always a real hope of meeting and everything I have left in prayer.”

18. “Thank you so much for you, for strengthening me when I am weak, raised me when I fell, and led me when I was misguided. And I don’t know where else to look if I lose you one day.”

19. “I will have this life for you and for our love I am happy for you.”

20. “The loyalty I give you is not because of my instincts, but I realize how hard it is to keep a heart that only decent people can do. And I want to be the one who deserves you.”


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