3 Ways to Blog on Bloggers Easily and Quickly

3 Ways to Write a Blog dHow to write a blog on Blogger can be done by anyone even from beginners. because Blogger provides a free place for everyone who wants to get creative through writing. There have been many successful bloggers from the platform and managed to gain popularity thanks to the writings it publishes. Not even a few feel the pleasure of pundi-pundi money from Blogger both from the ads installed and various writing projects at varying rates.

How to write a blog on Blogger can also be done at any time. Blog owners can freely manage it for their own convenience, including whether they want to use the free version or the paid version often called the top level domain. Both versions offer the same opportunities that blog owners can manage well. How to manage it also varies, but the main thing is to always display quality content on the blog.

3 Ways to Blog on Bloggers Easily and Quickly

Step 1: Create a Blog

Origin has access to internet network, then anyone can have a blog without spending money at all aka free of charge. You can sign in to your Blogger site address. Then you will find the list button. Click the button and you’ll be taken to the steps to create a blog. This first step should be done before you step into the next stage of knowing how to write a blog on Blogger.

Step 2: Set Up Content

The content for the blog is of course writing or articles. This article is what you need to set up after successfully creating a blog. For this type of article, you’re free to create what content looks like. The content of the writing will also be better if it comes with supporting media in the form of photos, infographics or videos. Decide what topics to write about in the stage of preparing content for a blog. Further develop in informative writing.

You should also learn about how to optimize articles on blogs. This is not the obligation of bloggers but it would be better if the article published later could appear in internet search results. Moreover, this SEO friendly article can bring benefits for bloggers. Some criteria need to be met to create SEO friendly articles, such as keywords, placement of them up to meta descriptions.

Step 3: Enter in the Draft

When you’re ready for the content to be published, you can immediately include it in the available drafts. How to write a blog on Blogger should be accompanied by an understanding of the usefulness of each article section placement.

When you sign in to Blogger, you’ll see a “New Post” button. After clicking the button, continue with the steps as below.
Enter a title in the title tab at the very top.
In the body section, enter the article.
Insert a picture by pressing a selection in the bottom row of the title. In that series there is also the option to set the typeface, size or paragraph. Customize to your liking.
Don’t forget to specify a label in the selection on the right. Also adjust the decryption and permalink.
If necessary, also set the time location to publish it. If you want to post directly, then the timing doesn’t need to be adjusted.
Once all stages are complete, press the “Publish” button.

From the last way above, your article will be automatically published on the blog and can be displayed for other readers to enjoy. How to write a blog on Blogger turns out to be very easy, right?

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