5 Best Camera Apps And Widely Used People

Who doesn’t like taking pictures? In this sophisticated era, everyone loves to capture their precious moments. Even now there is a new term that is fast familiar in the ears of millennials. Maybe you already know what “Selfi” is? It’s not a person’s name, it’s a term used to take pictures using the front camera and even just by ourselves we can pose as we please. It’s also now trending around the world. especially the country of Korea, which is hailed as always good at taking selfies. What’s your best app or filter?

Fans of korean artists, must have often seen their idols take pictures with the slick. For example you might also wonder what camera apps blackpink, bts, twice, or redvelvet and IU wear, do they use the same camera apps that are unique and interesting properties? You might also think about downloading this korean camera app and getting more Korean-style filters that they often use.

Wait for more you can get the full information in this article. Actually not only popular in Korea this series of photo apps is also famous among Indonesian artists. The coolest and most popular selfie app among Korean celebrities can be easily found on the Google Play Store or Apps Store services available on your Android Mobile device or Smartphone. For more information, please be reviewed.

5 Best Camera Apps And Widely Used People

1. Gudak Cam

You’ll often notice selfies that belong to celebs that seem to take them with expensive cameras. But actually to get a beautiful analog camera, you can get it through Gudak Cam. This app itself has been included in the list of camera apps for the most kece and cool selfies. Unfortunately to expose this app can not be for free or just -cuma. You’ll need to first buy $12,000 worth of Google Playstore services.

2. Foodie

As the name suggests, it’s possible to hear it you’ll think that this app is intended for editing food. However, actually this app is very popular among korean teenagers who like to edit their selfies. How not? inside the app there are at least 30 very interesting and unique color filters. Of course your photos will look like korean celebs.

3. B612 -Beauty & Filter Camera

For those of you who are selfie enthusiasts, then it is not complete if you have never used this app. Even its popularity can be comparable to the expensive types of cameras. According to a beautiful celeb named Han Yoo Ra this B612 app is his favorite and is entered by other celebs in South Korea who want to take photos of themselves. Do you know what? The completeness in this app is at least already present in more complete features and consists of 1,500 kinds of funny stickers.

4. Snow -Beauty & Makeup Camera

The app that is also widely recommended by many korean artists is Snow Beauty & Makeup Camera to be able to produce selfies like Korean celebgrams. This app has provided a number of interesting features so that the impression given will be so beautiful and stylish cool makeup. You may even see a number of Korean artists promoting it such as Mejiwo the younger brother of JHope BTS. She bluntly claims to use SNOW as her beautiful photo secret.

5. Huji Jam

If you are among those who do not want to spend any money to buy the app, then the answer to that Huji Jam App is perfect for you. Because this app is more practical and can be used as an alternative camera whose results are no less interesting and good with other types of cameras. Even more interesting because this one camera can produce images similar to analog cameras.

Here’s a description of the names of the apps for selfies and candid photos. Available for all types of Mobile phones and devices you use. Even some of them are that can be used for all devices and can be installed on top of top as well as tabs and iPads. The filters are also diverse ranging from stickers, emojis, Gifs, pictures and so on. Please get creative with your photos.

When else can look beautiful and cute with the best korean selfi camera. You can feel like the actresses who get the best photos. Get all the latest filters right away and take selfies with your school mates, co-workers, and friends who share the same hobbies as you. This information is hopefully useful and good luck.

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