5 Ways to Get Your Blog to Appear on Google’s Powerful First Page

How to make a blog appear on google’s first page becomes an important knowledge known. The appearance of a blog on Google’s home page is a good sign. Blog owners can benefit from popularity to pundi-pundi uang. If a blog can continue to stay at the top of Google search results, the longer its popularity will increase.

While there’s actually a way for blogs to appear on Google’s first page, not all bloggers can apply that way. The way it is done requires consistency in order for the results to be felt. This is usually a problem for budding bloggers who are still struggling to learn patterns in order for blogs to appear on Google’s first page. Actually the way that can be done is nothing difficult, as long as you want to be patient and enjoy every process.

5 Ways to Get Your Blog to Appear on Google’s Powerful First Page

Step 1: Know Google’s Defined Indicators

Before you know how to create a blog that can appear on google’s first page, first know the indicators. If that indicator is met then the steps to make a blog appear on Google’s home page will be easier. Some of the most common indicators concern the technicality of blog creation such as template selection and speed. While other indicators such as having to diligently present quality content related to consistency.

Step 2: Ensure Blog Access Speed

For all internet users, speed is the key to satisfaction. A very slow site when accessed will certainly result in an unpleasant experience for users. Blog loading speed also turns out to be an important indicator that must be met in order for the blog to appear at the top of Google.

That includes ways for blogs to appear on Google’s first page to look out for. Some tips can be done to speed up blog loading such as not placing supporting files that are too large in size. If it is too big, it can be compressed.

Step 3: Make It Mobile Friendly

Internet usage activity through mobile devices is increasing. That fact requires today’s bloggers to make their blogs mobile friendly. Both display and speed should support the mobile user experience.

Moreover, the speed of access to blogs with the mobile version is now also the ranking determinant on Google. How to get your blog to appear on Google’s first page can start by choosing a template that’s friendly to mobile users.

Step 4: Take advantage of both Google Analytics and Google Search Console

You’ll need to do a routine evaluation to see how your blog is performing on Google. Google Analytics will help you do that evaluation. In addition, you can also use Google Search Console for this process. This tool will display some important information about blogs such as popular content, site performance on mobile devices until there are or whether links are broken. From this evaluation, you can then correct the error and improve the quality.

Step 5: Consistently Publish Quality Content

The key to making blogs more popular on Google is to consistently post quality content. Quality content can be generated from popular keyword research and meet seo friendly article indicators. In terms of content, the content of articles on the blog must also meet the minimum standard of word count as well as the availability of valid data.An Easy Way to Blog Page One

The five ways that blogs appear on Google’s first page if done correctly and consistently will pay off. You can then benefit from the blog that appears on Google’s home page.

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