5 Ways to Write Articles on WordPress for Beginners

How do I write an article on wordpress for beginners? You can check out this article review. If you are a writer will probably now try to penetrate in the digital world then of course need media like wordpress. You must have known and heard what wordpress is.

Writing an article is a lot of fun for a writer. This can add insight and keep honing its writing skills. In addition, with wordpress everyone is free to create according to their own fun and abilities. In this discussion will be discussed about the tutorial write an article on wordpress. Here’s an explanation!

5 Ways to Write Articles on WordPress for Beginners

1. Open an Address on Google

The first step how to write an article in wordpress is indeed you have to open an address on google. For example, you might be able to enter www.namasitusanda.com/wp-admin format. Try writing down the name of the site already according to the site you own.

2. Log in on WordPress

Next, you have to log in on wordpress. Logging in is the main key in how to create articles in wordpress. Enter the email and password you have created. Do not write both because if wrong wordpress will refuse your request to enter.

3. Create a New Post

The third way to write an article on wordpress for beginners is to create a new post right away. You may be able to see the features in wordpress. There are many menus such as dashboards, posts, media, and many other menus at the top bar. You’ll need to press the + button to create a new post.

As for the location of the + symbol it is at the top bar of the menu. Once ada uses it, there will appear 3 new menus consisting of posts, media, and tablepress tables. Press Post to open the edit view of the article you want to create.

4. Jerking Articles

Once the post is open then you just paste the post you’ve created. You can directly set the writing. Maybe you’ll thicken and underline for a few keyword word articles or something like that.

You can also add referral links if you want. Don’t forget to also write the title for the article. Add an image if indeed your article needs it. And the way to write articles on wordpress that should not be forgotten is to correct the article as a whole.

5. Create a Category

The next way to write an article on wordpress is to create a category. There are a selection of drones, reviews, photos, the internet, cameras, and more. You’ll need to customize this category according to the writing you’ve created. After that, don’t forget to fill in the snippet.

Editing this snippet is not mandatory. However, filling in snippets of your articles will be easy for readers to find. Don’t forget to select and provide featured images for your article.

That’s the full explanation of how to write articles on wordpress for beginners. The above way is a tutorial writing on wordpress that is very easy to do. There will be no obstacles found if you follow the above way well and correctly.

Therefore, as a writer both senior and beginner you should really prepare your best writing. That way, the reader will be easy to receive the information in your article writing.

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