A collection of funny Islamic Marriage sayings

Marriage is a most beautiful and sacred moment for all people who are mature and love each other. Who doesn’t imagine the marriage they dreamed of? Of course this is an event that can not be forgotten for a lifetime. Given the importance of this event, the remarks from friends and family are very valuable. Good is an Islamic greeting that is cute, cool and romantic, which can be said to be more valuable than gifts though.

Today there are many different forms and types of speech that can be used. Starting from making greeting cards, greeting images or just words of mouth. The words implied in it also vary depending on the purpose and message to be given to the bride and groom. It also depends on who you say to, be it friends, friends, co-workers, ex-girlfriends, family and so on.

The contents of the marriage congratulations that you provide can also imply your sincerity to congratulate you. It also shows your personality as a good partner. For example, you can give a good form of wedding greeting which includes funny words, wise words, aphorisms, motivational words, heart touching words, cool, romantic, simple messages and impressions. The most important thing is if the marriage greeting words contain a good religious message for them in the future.

If you want to get more references and examples of words of marriage for your happy colleagues, get the latest examples below. Various series of the best greeting words have been tailored to your needs. You just choose which one is suitable and in accordance with your wishes and personality. For that, in full, just take a look at a collection of Islamic sayings that can be happy and cheerful because of their humorous words. Come see.

A collection of funny Islamic Marriage sayings

“Finally this friend of mine found his life partner. The friend I used to know as a single person, has now proven and is free from his acute single status. Hopefully then you will continue to be happy friends, don’t remember your dark times first, be happy and build a happy family. Samawa .. “

“Now that you have succeeded in side by side with your best lover, he is the one who managed to melt your old playboy character. I’m proud of him, Do not you disappoint him because only he who accepts all your shortcomings without expecting your strengths. I am also happy, I hope you will continue to be happy forever .. “

“Congratulations on the smooth running of your marriage, May your family be a sakinah, mawadah and warrahmah family. Do not forget that you will always be given sustenance and offspring of cute and kind children like me. Happy Wedding .. “

“Congratulations on living my new brother’s life. Congratulations now you don’t need to listen to the umbrella song of the contract again. Hopefully you continue to be happy, this is the hope of your best friend, Samawa. “

“Happy marriage to my best friend. At this time you have lived a new life. Now you have found the best life companion by your side. May the Grace and blessings of Allah always be there and be with you. May you continue to be happy and the door of sustenance is always open for you. Happy Wedding best friend! “

“Happy marrying my friend, I say the best prayer to you. Hopefully, Allah will always give blessings and abundance of happiness for you both. May SaMaWa be my best friend. “

“Happy living a new life for my colleague who is now standing on the aisle. Not felt, I’ve known you for so long. From what you used to be just a friend to me, now you have become the husband of your wife. I always pray that you are always happy and given good and pious children. Aminn ya Rabb .. “

“Happy living the new life of my brothers / sisters. Hopefully you can support each other and become better personalities. Currently you are no longer alone but trustworthy as a wife you now hold. So, whatever it is learning to be willing to anything according to the pleasure of your husband is especially for you, because Rida from Allah for you now is dependent on your husband’s Rida. Congratulations on being my best friend’s wife .. “

“The wedding day is only a moment and a short time, but I hope you two will have a love that continues to grow all the time. I wish you a perfect partner based on true religion and belief. Happy married and living together, Samawa! “

“Happy Wedding, my best brother and family. I never thought that today you will be sitting in that chair. Confirm the heart and soul of the choice of your best partner. Hopefully the holy promise that has been made will continue to stick until death does. Happy Wedding and happy happy .. “

“My happy colleague, at this time you are officially husband and wife. You are two persons who have been joined together to achieve dreams, fulfill, have and complete with one goal. You are no longer two but one, happy marriage and living life together. Hopefully you will be given a baby who will color your life even more. Happy Wedding! .. “

“When two hearts meet in an unexpected situation, that’s where the seeds of love begin to emerge between them. The two of you are such a great match that of course everyone will envy them when they see them. I congratulate you through my best friend’s new life, I’m very happy for you .. “

“Today is a very happy day for you, I pray that you today and beyond will become a Sakinah, Mawadah and warokmah family. May Allah always be with your little family. I am very happy for you and pray for the best. Happy Wedding! “

The description above is a collection of the best congratulatory words for marriage that you can give directly or just as an example. You can be creative with the examples of the spoken words above. Or maybe you are interested in translating it into Arabic, English, Javanese and so on. These words of encouragement and positive meaning can be a representative of your sense of happiness.

As a Muslim, prayer is the most important. So you can add some sincere prayer words from your heart. As Muslim colleagues, we should pray for each other as brothers who always strengthen. Not only in Islam, we can act to respect and protect each other.

Also good for different religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Catholicism and so on. Thus our brotherhood will be even tighter. Hopefully this information can be given to readers.

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