An Easy Way to Earn Money from YouTube

An Easy Way to Earn Money from YouTube – If you look at the phenomenon of exorbitant-earning Youtubers, you might be surprised. In fact it doesn’t feel comparable to what you’ve been doing all along; pursuing a bachelor’s degree and then work.

At first glance the job of a Youtuber just making a video, how can it be in a short time become rich? Back then, it was their creativity that led him to wealth. As much as any video, when the content is boring yes it is free. Because the benchmark for youtube content creator success is the number of viewers.

This may make many people wonder exactly how to earn money from YouTube. Basically, the way to earn money from YouTube is by monetization. This means that the account owner gives YouTube permission to place ads on uploaded videos.

However, how to earn money from YouTube may not be a major source of income. There are several ways to earn money from Other YouTube that can be done to make rupiah pundai-pundi more. Even how to earn money from YouTube is quite common and also recommended from Google as the owner of YouTube.

One of the reasons why YouTube is so popular with internet users is because YouTube delivers video content that looks real. Unlike the content of images or text that does not look ‘alive’ in the eyes of internet users. The various video content on the YouTube site is uploaded by its users for different purposes.

There are YouTube users who upload videos for fun purposes, some who want to promote businesses and events, some who aim to share them with others, and others. All internet users definitely prefer real and attractive-looking content, which is why internet users feel at home lingering on YouTube.


An Easy Way to Earn Money from YouTube

1. Create a YouTube Channel

This is the first step you shouldn’t miss. Create an account first on YouTube if you don’t already have one. Try signing in to YouTube (you can use your Google account to sign in and sign up, as opposed to filling out all the form data again from scratch). Then create your channel. Think about what names interest your YouTube channel and how your channel concepts, how your channel’s theme or character compares to similar channels or channels.


2. Monetization of Youtube accounts

In order to earn money from Youtube, we need to monetize the account. Here’s how to sign in to your account information, then click Creator Studio in the menu on the left. Click Channel and Status and features, then select Enable Monetisation and agree to the existing agreement.

In order to qualify for monetization, Youtube channels must have 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. Once eligible, YouTube will verify by reviewing the originality of each video in that channel.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity used to earn money in a popular online way. Affiliate marketers rarely expose the details of earning large sums of money, so beginners like you can find it difficult to follow in his footsteps.

Alternatively you can use youtube channel as the right path to redirect to affiliate link. Use the channel as a traffic source to be redirected to affiliate links you own.

Considering that nowadays people on earth are increasingly lazy to read text let alone long, then you have the opportunity to develop a business so that information is conveyed even though not through writing.

4. YouTube Premium

The way to earn money from other YouTube is to earn YouTube Premium Revenue. YouTube does have a subscription option called Premium.

If a YouTube Premium user watches a video you upload, you will later get a portion of the subscription fee paid by that user.

You don’t have to do anything to activate this feature. But always make sure your content follows YouTube’s community guidelines in order to earn money from YouTube Premium.

5. Sell Your Own Products or Services

Another alternative to making money from YouTube is to sell your products or services. This is usually applied by YouTube channel owners who already have multiple subscribers.

You can sell anything through YouTube. Laptops, gadgets, musical instruments, books, furniture items, cookware, beauty products, graphic design services, video editing services, singing services, and so on.

If you sell homemade products or services, you should also have an official website. That way your audience will be easier to buy the products or services you offer. For example, Pewdiepie also has its official website to sell merchandise.

6. Become an influencer to attract brands.

If your video content contains a review of a product. You can be consistent with the product about it, for example if you like to review the latest phone, keep doing that in your next video. Or for example if you like makeup, then keep uploading videos about makeup. Thus, your chances of attracting cooperation with a particular brand are greater.


That’s A Little Review Tentng Easy Way to Earn Money from YouTube, Hopefully This Information Is Useful For You


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