20+ Friday greeting words for Facebook status

The latest and best Friday greetings that you can share on social media Facebook and Instagram. When going to work, many of us make status on social media first, writing is made to provide motivation in the spirit of work. There are also those who just say “Happy Friday and Happy Working”.

For those who are Muslim on Friday there are also Friday worship activities. Worship at the mosque or this break is carried out at 12 noon by men. In addition to the words of congratulations on Friday in the morning, there are also those who make invitations to worship. With words that are a little bit insinuating so that the adam will go to the mosque and some make a status with funny pictures inviting him to join Friday prayers.

This Friday greeting mastimon.com made it so that you can share with all of you the difficulties in composing words. The time on Friday is quite short so those of you who want to take care of letters at the government office can come early. You can be sure that at 11.00 noon they have already taken a break to perform Friday prayers.

In addition to Friday’s words, you can also make a cute and unique greeting card. I guarantee the use of Corel Draw and Photoshop applications. You can also use Ms. Publisher by taking pictures on google and given the writing that I share this. You can easily create images with JPG, PNG or GIF format (moving) files.

Back again to the subject of the title of this article about the greeting words for the latest Friday. You can choose from two groups of words, namely Friday morning sayings and words to invite Friday prayers. Some of the words below I took from several sources that I have edited again and make it easier for you to read.

Words of Friday in the morning

Good Morning, Good Friday. Remain grateful because today you are still given sustenance, healthy enjoyment and smoothness to work.

Friday, the most glorious of all days and make good use of this day.

One great driver is obeying traffic signs and always giving way to passing pedestrians. Happy Friday.

Happy Friday, it’s time to get ready to go out and leave your work routine for a moment because today I am LEAVING !!!

Metropolitan worker motivation is determined by how much the installments are hehehe. Happy Friday!

Enjoy your Friday, smile and the benefits of love plus alms can be a blessing for the world and the hereafter.

Happy Friday. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and start to dare to face challenges so that we can get success.

Friday, reduce immorality, quickly repent, remember the end is getting closer, Happy Friday!

You remove stones, thorns and bones from halfway through. It is almsgiving for you today and continue to do so. Happy Friday blessings.

Happy Friday broo .. Hopefully today there are lots of blessings from Allah and always be healthy.

Happy Friday. How many times does your boyfriend have to cheat on you so that you can stand up to a broken heart that hurts so badly?

The words of Friday the invitation to pray to the mosque

For other people, FRIDAY PRAYER is to be handsome, if I am to be pious. I’m really sorry, if the problem is GANTENG already from birth.

Dear guys, you must know, Friday Prayers do not make you HANDLE, but make girls sure that you are a good CANDIDATE OF FAITH. Happy Friday.

It’s useless, handsome, rich, playboy, but his faith is empty. Mending is ugly, single but faith is thick, so don’t forget to pray Friday, friend …

It has nothing to do with you Friday Prayers after that you become handsome. It’s a mosque, not a salon. If you want to pray, just pray fervently!

The Friday Prayers are sincere … Because only ugly people who pray Friday prayers can be called GANTENG.

If you are afraid of the end of the world, let’s pray Friday. Congratulations on your Friday prayers.

Tips for not losing sandals during Friday prayers is that we go to the mosque wearing shoes. Even if they are lost, the shoes … not the sandals.

NEWS: A JOMBLO believes that Friday prayers can make you GANTENG. As a result, JOMBLO is determined to pray on Friday prayers every day.

People nowadays, don’t update “Friday prayers first, I’ll be handsome”. Not all “pray for the corpse first, let it catch up quickly”.

Satay is delicious, especially with crackers. Leave all immorality, let’s pray Friday.

Friday Prayers, Sholeh Boys: Looking for Rewards, Burglars: Looking for Sandals, Maho Boys: Looking for Boys. A LITTLE DIFFERENT…

Remember, Friday prayer is for looking for charity, not for sandals. Remember!

Now that’s a collection of words of greeting on Friday that touch the heart, soul conditioning and Gokil of course. You can also use the words above as pearls, words of wisdom or words to motivate others. The more often you make good greeting words on FB, the more you like and comment on your status.

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