How To Create a Blog On Blogspot And WordPress

How To Create a Blog On Blogspot And WordPress – Having a blog is a fun thing because we can share whatever we like, and if we are serious about taking care of the blog, we can also earn decent income from our blog.

Many tutorials have been discussed about self-hosted WordPress blogs and no doubt it is a better blogging platform if we compare it to free blogging platforms like and Many beginners who want to start blogging do not want to spend capital to create a blog and it is legitimate only, even many also found famous blogs that use this free platform.

There are many blogging platforms that offer to create blogs for free. If we are looking for a free blog, it is recommended to start a blog or

Blogspot allows us to create blogs for free and certainly has limitations, but as mentioned above, for beginners it is a good idea as a first step in creating a Blog.

How to Create a Blog on Blogspot or Blogger For Free

1. Login to Blogger.

2. On the left, click the Down arrow icon.

3. Click New Blog.

4. Enter the name of the blog.

5. Click Next.

6. Select the URL or blog address.

7. Click Save.

How to Create a WordPress Blog

WordPress is a slightly more complicated blogging platform, but it looks arguably more flexible to change as much as users want. How to create a blog on WordPress is usually traveled by experienced Bloggers.

Here’s how to create a WordPress blog :

1. Open the WordPress website at
2. Click ‘Create website’
3. A new page will appear where you’ll need to fill in information such as email, username, password, and blog address
4. Fill in the column with the information you want, as well as choose the name of the blog and its URL. Don’t forget to click the link that says “will use a free address”.
5. Click the ‘create blog’ button
6. WordPress will send you a verification link in your email. Click the verification link and the dashboard page will appear. This indicates that your Blog is finished and ready to fill in.

The above description is about how to create blogspot and wordpress easily, quickly & freely. May What The Admin Presents Is Beneficial To All of You, Happy Making & Success For You.

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