How to Earn Money From Instagram Easily

How to earn money from Instagram is commonplace that people already apply. There are many ways you can earn money with instagram social media. It can also be used for other social media.

Instagram users in Indonesia are quite a lot, one person can have multiple accounts, accounts for themselves for alay photos, accounts for works, accounts for stalking and so on. In mid-2016, Indonesian Instagram users reached 22 million people.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s app was also cussed by Facebook in 2012, so now Instagram has become a Facebook family, and its existence is growing.

Because, now in addition to being a social media for inspiration or motivation, Instagram has also expanded into an e-commerce platform. Where some way to earn money from Instagram, it’s very doable. In fact, not a few new local Indonesian brands, which are successful on Instagram.

What’s more, with new features such as business and shopping features, it makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of Instagram, as social media can make money.

The first thing you should know is how type of follower you want. This is a crucial step to making money on Instagram. By knowing the type of follower, we are indirectly reading what they want. In addition, usually brands that want to sniff will see what your followers are like on Instagram.

How to Earn Money From Instagram Easily

How to Earn Money From Instagram Easily

1. Become an Endorser

Being an endorser is certainly different from a buzzer. By becoming an endorser you will be like the ambasador of a product. The requirement to be an endorser is that you have to be as famous as a public figure and have a lot of fans.

Most endorsers are celebrities who are well known and have fans. When you become an endorser, you’ll use the product in hopes of attracting fans and making it buy products that your idol uses.

If you manage to become an endorser, in addition to earning money. You also get the product for free. Imagine if there was a skin care manufacturer sniffing you, surely you would glowing continuously as long as the cooperation was still intertwined.


Selebgram stands for Instagram celebrity. You can earn money on Instagram this way. Not much different from a buzzer, the requirement to be a celebgram you have to have as many followers as possible.

Selebgram is synonymous with the job of advertising a product. Advertisers will use the celebrity service to post their products on your instagram account. For advertisers, this is an easy palin way to promote porduk. Advertisers want their products to be reached by many people through your instagram account.

3. Selling Products

Selling products on Instagram is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Moreover, there are many physical products that can be sold on Instagram, ranging from headscarves, clothes to agate.

Selling your own products is very profitable, but if you don’t have your own product then there’s no need to worry or grieve.

Because you can also sell other people’s products or better known as dropship system. Where you only need to market the product from the owner of the goods and then forward the order and payment of the buyers to the owner of the goods. Later, you can earn from the difference in the price of the goods sold.

4. Become an Affiliate

One way to make money from Instagram is to become an affiliate. Unlike influencers, an affiliate is more towards the person earning the commission stipulated by helping to sell their partner’s products.

The way is usually by directing followers by purchasing products from custom links. If there is a sale from this link, you can earn a commission of the size depending on the owner of the product.

But Instagram doesn’t allow you to put links in posts, so you can only put those links in your bio. My advice is to focus on selling one product first and replacing it with another if the market has declined.

5. Sell photos on Instagram

Do you like photography, be it photos of nature, food, buildings, inanimate objects, humans, animals or wildlife out there that your shots are good at? If so you can sell your photos on Instagram loh.

How to upload a photo don’t forget to put a popular hashtag related to the theme of the photo you uploaded so that many people see it. As well as love also watermark photographed her. Later if anyone is interested in buying you can give a file that does not have a watermark. It’s easy, right?

6. Buy and sell Instagram accounts

The last way to earn money from Instagram is to sell the Instagram account itself. You can search for it with the hashtag #jualakuninstagram. You can also sell your Instagram account at a price you can set yourself.

7. Sell Your Services

Jasa is also one of the businesses that can make pundi-pundi money quite easily. If you have skills like photo editing, design and more. You can offer the service to your Instagram followers. Also provide detailed service details and price range so that they are interested in using your services.

For the service products that we commonly see on Instagram are logo creation, photo editing, home plans and many more types of services that we can offer through Instagram.

Being an admin can also make you one way to earn money from Instagram that you can apply. Moreover, nowadays there are many important figures or people who need publication and socialization related to work through social media such as Instagaram.

8. Become an Admin

Many of them can’t operate Instagram to the maximum. This can be a loophole for you to become an admin in order to manage their account to the maximum. If the results are satisfactory, you will be rewarded by them.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Maketing’s work process is when you promote someone else’s product on a site you own (it could also be on social media that you’ve got) and when someone buys through your affiliate link, you’ll get compensation (commission) from the sale that happens. By using Instagram you can become Affiliate Marketing.

Through your personal Instagram account, you post images of certain products until a sale occurs through your affiliate URL (affiliate links are provided by your affiliates).

10. Become a Buzzer on Instagram

This business is done by many instagram account owners who have thousands of followers. If we don’t have a lot of followers it could be that we can’t get into this business, because our followers are at least about 100,000 to 500,000.

That’s how to earn money from Instagram without capital. As long as there is intent and effort, everyone can earn money on Instagram. Please choose one of the ways to earn money from Instagram above that suits your skills and skills. So much and hope it’s worthwhile!

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