How to Get Additional Income with Internet Capital in Covid-19

How to earn money from the internet for beginners – Pademi Corona or Covid 19 is not over according to the official that the corona is affected there are about 200 thousand more currently. So now have to be at home aja so as not to be exposed to this Corona virus, what if at home aja of course there will be a lot of spending that will happen certainly have to find additional income to keep life going.

As we know that since March 2020 indonesian citizens have not worked outside the house that is with work from home. How to get free money from the internet Of course, the need for living continues to run financial needs as well as there are still expenses so it needs income in order to continue living.

Continue how to earn income without capital?

Moreover, plus we are told to save money because there is no income, so we have to find a way to earn income without using the facilities that exist one of them is the Internet.

In the digital age today we are made easy by the internet including earning through the internet in the middle of pademi as it is today.How to get free money from the internet

Well from there we can utilize that in order to find additional income in the middle of pademi as it is today, continue what business can be done with internet capital.

7 Ways to Earn Additional Internet Capital in Covid-19

On this occasion I will share the experience of how to earn internet capital income in the middle of Pademi Corona as it is today, what aja let’s simak gaes if you want to try this.

1. Become a Blogger

A Blogger like today is a job or hobby of someone to write that is poured over the Internet so that it can be read by someone in order to inspire or motivate someone after reading the writing.

So the longer more Bloggers appear, if becoming a Blogger certainly has to be out of capital that is to buy a domain, kanapa should use the domain of course in order for our blog to be more professional.

Now there are many Cheap Domain sellers in Indonesia, so you have enough capital of 150,000 rupiah to buy a domain after that you can join the Affiliate Program to be able to earn income or participate in blog competitions that are on the Internet such as this blog competition held by Exabetes Indonesia.

If your blog is old enough or the article is sufficient when it is ready to register in Google Adsense. Or you can also open a post review if your blog visitors have already reached thousands per day.

2. Sell Credit / Data Package

The need for credit or Internet data package such as the digital age is now like a basic need because now people in any activity always related to the Internet for example make the task of course someone needs internet quota or credit, continue to communicate fellow friends now also use quota.

This opportunity can be you benefit to sell credit or data package, this also I do in the middle of pademi as it is today, and alhamdulillah profit from selling credit and data package can be for daily needs during pademi as it is now.

3. Open an Online Store / Reseller

Because someone can not get out of the house of course want to buy goods going through Online or by message delivery, this is me before there is pademi Corona as now also tried to sell online by becoming a Reseller.

Many are now resellers these days, so you can choose to be a Reseller what you think is suitable and certainly profitable for you.

4. Become a YouTuber or Content Creator

Nowadays, a Content creator or yutubers is many, maybe you are tired at home wanting to share tutorials such as about smartphones, tutorials and interesting tips you can do in the middle of pademi as it is today.

But in order to earn income from youtube of course you have to have 10 thousand subcribes in order to be registered to earn income. So you have to be patient first if you want to get that many subcribes.

5. Graphic Design Services

Do you have any design expertise well this can be tried to open this design service, because many companies that need such services as you currently live promote your services through your social media.

So if you have the design skills to make the most of the extra money in the moment as you are today.

6. Create the Popcast

So papcaster like sakarang is becoming a trend among mellinial you just just talk aja without having to be good at the camera by discussing a fun topic of course that must be different from others in order to be in demand by the listener.

If you like to talk it’s not hard for you, so use your skills to make extra money in the middle of the pademi as it is today.

7. Become a Freelance Writer

If you build a blog with high traffik it may take a very long time, so to earn extra while building a blog you can offer to be a freelance writer in some online media.

If you like writing it’s not hard for you, how are you interested in trying that.

That’s How to Get Additional Income With Internet Capital in Pademi Period as it is now that proves potent, how still less asked in the comment pool if still less.

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