How to Solve And Cause Laptop sluggishly

How to Solve And Cause Laptop sluggishly – Nowadays many people leave their PC or computer and switch to a laptop that they think is more practical and easy.

Laptops in this modern era are often the main weapon in meeting the demands of work, both for workers, students and even students. So it is no wonder that the laptop we are using must be in prime condition and without any problems so that all the work we do can be completed in time.

But the laptop is still an item that will be able to experience a deterioration in quality, especially if the laptop is old or using a system that is not the latest, then the laptop will experience more slow or sluggish when on the run.

Maybe some of you have also experienced a new laptop. Whereas you just bought it, whether it’s windows 7, or on windows 10. Ever, right?

Why is your laptop so low? Laptops can also experience a decrease in performance even if the specifications are already very good. So, you should know why the laptop is so limp.

This will definitely interfere with your work, but you don’t have to worry because here we will share information on how to cope with a limp laptop.

Several factors cause the laptop to melt:

Too Many Startup Programs
The Age of Too Old Hard Drives
Drive Too Full, Storage Space Too Little
Too Many Browser Add-ons
Too Many Applications Running at A Time
Too Many Tabs Opened Browser
Laptop Exposed to Virus
Laptop RAM Too Small
Antivirus on Laptop Is Too Active
You Rarely Update the OS on Your Laptop.


How to Solve And Cause Laptop sluggishly

1. Maintain Drive Capacity

No matter what hard drive capacity you have, keep it from getting close to full. Perform regular hard drive cleaning. You should delete files, videos, and images that you no longer need.

2. Remove the Startup Program

To prevent your laptop from booting for very long, remove the program running at your laptop startup. Especially if the program is considered less important. You can remove startup programs through the Task Manager (Windows+X) menu. Disable the program on the Start-up menu that you want to remove.

3. Remove Apps

Using too many apps can also make your laptop or computer slow. Especially if the application is running in the background ( background ).

The set application runs at startup, the first time the laptop is turned on. Uninstall apps that you find less necessary.

4. Clean junk files and history

When we operate windows, either the system or the application will leave a used file or junk, commonly called history or junk file. It can be cleaned with the help of an app like CCleaner for example. In addition it can turn off startup with apliaski CCleaner or other similar applications

5. Reduce startup programs

Startup programs are programs that will automatically run when the laptop is turned on, to disable programs running on your laptop startup, can go through Task Manager, or through run > type msconfig and then select the startup tab.

By activating the program at startup, your laptop or computer will feel faster especially when it will be turned on.

6. Install Antivirus

If you think your RAM or Drive C is still a lot left and you don’t use many apps but your laptop is low, it may be caused by a virus.

Viruses in electronic devices become one of the diseases that make it lemot. Use an antivirus app and use it properly.

7. Cleaning the Desktop

The next way to solve your laptop is to clean your desktop. put many applications in the desktop section is also one of the causes of laptop sluggish in responding to commands from users.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on apps running while your laptop is in starup activity.

Try not to run too many applications, as this will be the cause of the laptop limp. Because the application becomes working in background, which secretly consumes ram capacity.

8. Use Memory-Friendly Apps

Users should know the specifications of the laptop. And the user must also install an application that matches the specifications of the laptop. If installing an application that does not meet the specifications on the laptop, then do not be surprised if the laptop will later become sluggish, even if it is new.

9. Uninstall Unused Apps

One of the things that causes a laptop under 3 years old to become sluggish is because too many applications are installed, so Drive C on the laptop becomes full and makes the system take too long to read the hard disk. This will also cause the reading of the data in the drive to take longer than usual.

10. Reinstall the Operating System

This is usually done if the nine solutions above fail. Because if you install the operating system from scratch, then your laptop is guaranteed to come back fresh like after a morning shower.

Maybe those are some things that can solve how to easily solve laptop lemot, hopefully this article can help friends who are experiencing similar problems. If after trying the tips above the laptop still feels sluggish, maybe you need to replace a new one


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