Tips for making seo friendly blogs

In this digital age, human life cannot be separated from the internet. Everything is done with the help of an internet connection, one of which obtains information. Where do you think most people ask about these different types of information, Google, don’t you? Well, that’s the importance of learning SEO for the blog you have. How to create an SEO friendly blog for beginners to keep nangkring on Google page one, everything will be reviewed in detail below.

The way is to apply SEO to blogs and articles that will later be posted. Because, SEO has an important role to play in placing your blog on the number one search results page (top page) on Google. Blogs that rank on page one of Google already certainly have many visitors. It will be very profitable later if you have a lot of visitors on the blog that you manage.

Optimising articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an easy thing but it is also not difficult to do if we want to.

Tips for making seo friendly blogs

SEO blogs are a blogger’s dream, the benefits of which google search engines will love to be easy to read. but not everyone knows how to make a blog seo friendly. because of the lack of information that is sought and rarely people who want to share this secret.

Maybe a friend’s been looking for something like this. but many blogs explain it almost everything is similar, even 100% similar. but it is not uncommon for blogs that provide different but useful information.

But tau not only articles that affect in terms of SEO, it turns out that templates are also very influential on blogs. here’s how to make a blog seo.

1. Title And URL Contain Keywords

Seo tips for bloggers on blogspot the first is that the title and url of the post contain those targeted keywords. If you notice, this article contains the keyword.

2. Keyword Research

It is already an obligation for website or blog owners to research keywords before creating content. Keyword research will help you find keywords that are relevant to your readers. There are five indicators that you notice when doing keyword research, namely search volume, keyword difficulty level, SERP, Search Intent, and keyword suggestions.

3. Create Interesting Content

Google is aware of the needs of its users who want a complete answer and are able to solve their problems. That’s how Google began to prioritize complete content to top search results. To help readers understand your article, please add visual media such as illustrations, infographics, or videos to complete the writing. If the reader is happy with the article, it will be more likely for the reader to share the link of the content on social media. Very interesting isn’t it?

4. Perform Image Optimization

Reading text without pictures is like eating vegetables without salt. It’s going to be bland and boring. In addition, images can also help readers to understand what you’re getting through. But you also have to do image optimization so as not to slow down loading on website pages.

5. Insert Outbound Link

When creating content, try at least one link to another website or outbound link. However, not the original website, yes. Make sure the website you make a reference source has a good reputation.

Outbound links serve to show that the content you create has a credible source. With links leading to the appropriate referral source, your content is also considered to have the same topic as the referral website.

6. Maximize Internal Links

Not only are outbound links, you also need to maximize internal links. Internal links are links that lead to other content on your website. This type of link is important to make it easier for readers to move from one content to another on your website.

In addition, internal links also help search engines to understand the context and relationships between pages within the website. Google prioritizes websites whose content is interconnected. And through internal links, you can show connectedness between content on your website.

7. Seo Friendly Template

Choose an seo friendly blog template, usually a lot of free seo friendly blog template providers that friends can choose and use, please friends search and download seo friendly blog templates that look according to friends suitable for their blog, seo friendly templates are slightly different from the built-in templates that have not been modified, generally seo friendly blog templates the structure has been modified and adapted to things that are considered preferred by search engines , the goal is for blogs that use these templates to be preferred by search engine robots so that it will be easy to find in the best position.

8. Rich Snippet Optimization

Among all the above optimization suggestions, arguably, this method is the latest article optimization method after google core update last June 6. The emergence of serp features column in Google Search Console menu forces search marketing practitioners to present more informative writing using and blocks feature in writing. Here are some ways to optimize serp features in our article.

9. Use the Subheading Heading Element

The Heading subheading element is one of the elements in a piece of writing that is used to make it easier for readers to understand the articles you create. This element is a very important element for applying SEO techniques.

When you’re creating SEO friendly posts, be sure to include the right heading and subheading elements, for example: h1 you can use for article post titles, h2 elements you can use to subtitle your article posts.

10. Sign up for Search Console

Registering your blog to Search Console is one way to create an SEO blog and don’t forget to submit sitemap.xml. If you’re using the All in One SEO and Yoast plugins, just enable the sitemap feature. Generally, included are pages, article pages, and categories.

Creating an SEO friendly Blog is certainly not something you take for granted. There needs to be a special strategy in order for the Website to attract readers and can go to the highest rank in Google’s search engine.

Thus the information admin can provide about tips on creating a Blog that is SEO friendly is most awesome. Hopefully this article can be useful and be one of your references when you start making a post on your website.

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